Why Orthodontists choose & love OrthoInTouch?

  • March 29, 2024

Having an automated appointment reminder system has incredible value as illustrated in our OrthoInTouch Whiteboard Video.  However, with so many companies offering reminders, why should you choose OrthoInTouch?

Well, OrthoInTouch was started by an Orthodontist who was looking for an effective reminder system, without the cost, complexity, and long contracts which other reminder companies required.  He also wanted simplicity, flexibility and control over reminders without being nickel and dimed.  OrthoInTouch delivers on all these goals we set out to accomplish and Orthodontic offices today choose OrthoInTouch for the following great reasons:


Don’t Overpay for Reminders!

Most orthodontic practices pay $199-$300 for appointment reminders, patient portals, payment portals, education content, mobile apps, etc. – In reality 90% of what is really used and delivers value is the basic text message & e-mail reminder which patients and parents appreciate.  Orthodontists chose OrthoInTouch because they want to pay for what is effective – and don’t want to pay extra for bells and whistles which drive up cost and add little value.

No Contracts!

Don’t Get Tied Down!

OrthoInTouch earns you business every month! Unlike other companies, we don’t require ANY multi-year contract for a lower price – our prices are already lower! Don’t let others lock you into a multi-year agreement you’ll regret.

Say Goodbye to Setup Fees!

Don’t Get Robbed!

Setup fees are simply ridiculous. OrthoInTouch will not charge you a setup fee and you should never pay any setup fees to any reminder company. Additionally there are no “design” fees for a good looking reminder, or “per-message” fees for each reminder sent. All our features are included in one low, flat, simple monthly rate.

Great Features!

More than the essentials!

Have a look at all the great features we provide. OrthoInTouch offers much more than your standard e-mail/sms appointment reminder – we have support for recalls appointments, missed appointments, post appointment follow-up emails based on appointment type/procedure, dentist referral emails, integration with MailChimp, and more!

Try then Buy – No Obligation!

Get Started Quickly!

With no contracts, no-setup fees and same-day setup for topsOrtho offices (1 day for other PMS) – there is very little risk in getting started with OrthoInTouch. We gladly provide a no obligation 2-week trial – we are confident that you’ll enjoy the simplicity, efficiency and benefits that OrthoInTouch offers to continue service…and if not, there is no penalty! So what are you waiting for? You can simply Get Started or Contact Us with any further questions!